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How To Get A Shy Woman To Open Up

Here is a short list of things you
can do to get a shy or quiet woman to
open up and talk more:

1) Talk about what she likes rather
than what you like.

2) Show respect and always listen to her
with your full attention.

3) Keep things confidential and don’t
repeat what she says to other people.
Be the person she can trust.

4) Show genuine excitement and fascination
about the things she talks about.

5) Use follow-up questions to stir the

6) Don’t try to start a conversation
when she is busy with something else.

7) Wait till she is nervous about
something and needs .
(cheap trick but it works.)

8) Reward her good behavior by complimenting
her when she does talk.

9) Focus on talking about feelings instead of
facts because people tend to feel a greater
need about communicating with others when
they focus on emotions.

10) Always start with non-threatening small-talk.
Only deepen the conversation as rapport is built.

11) Be naturally curious about her.

12) Have relaxed but long eye contact.

One of the most common questions
I get is how a person can get out of their
“dating blues” when they are down. This
may include moving on after a bad breakup
or getting out of depression after being

This is my honest answer:

Do something that will have long
term benefits.

From my experience, depressed people
need to feel alive. It is quite useless to
tell them to be happy or just to do things
they like. When you are depressed and drained
emotionally, it is hard to get pleasure out
of anything – even in activities you would
normally enjoy.

However, doing things that can
give you long term benefits will make you
feel like you are in control of yourself,
and it is a great feeling to feel like
you’re taking responsibility for yourself!

Set objectives and goals that have
long-term benefits, be it working out,
taking a class, or simply cleaning. By
focusing on the future instead of immediate
gratification, not only will you feel more
in control and have more confidence, you
will also see that you have a future to
look forward to!

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