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How To Invite A Woman Home

One of the questions that I’m asked
*all* the time is how a man can invite a woman

It’s actually really easy. Here
are four ways to do it.

1) Cook Her Dinner

One easy way is to offer to cook
her dinner or for HER to come over and cook
YOU dinner. It puts the focus on food (and
women can’t resist great food…) instead of
what may happen at your apartment…

If you need a little bit of extra
courage, try to talk about a nice dish that
you love to make or a nice
that you’d like to open when you have guests
over. REALLY try to sell it. If the woman
gets excited or curious about it, invite
her over for dinner so she can try it.

2) Have Something Cool At Your Place

You can also “tempt” women to
come back to your place by having a
cool place. Artwork and music collection
often work if you share similar tastes.
Cute pets sometimes work wonders. (Depends
on the woman.) Having a nice pad with a hot
tub would obivously be king. (If you can
afford it.)

3) Meet Near Your Place

Look for special restaurants
or dessert places near your place. This
way, you can easily invite her over
when you’re done dinner or dessert.

It’s very easy to ask for a
woman to come check out your place if
it is within walking distance.

4) Meet AT Your Place Before A Date

Of course. You can also offer
to meet AT your place before the date.
(If you’re going to go somewhere nearby)
Why? Because once a woman has gone to
place for a first time, getting her to
go back again will be a lot easier…

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