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How To Make More Friends And Become More Popular

guys that are
best with women are often the guys that are
the most sociable. So here are twenty ways
to be more popular and make more friends.

1) Have a natural curiosity towards people.

2) Smile a lot and be friendly.

3) Talk about what other people want to hear about.

4) Be positive and give people encouragement.

5) Be a good listener.

6) Flatter people sincerely.

7) Have fun hobbies.

8) Volunteer

9) Mention people’s names when you speak.

10) Make time to see people.

11) Remember birthdays.

12) Connect friends with other friends. This
way they will all remember you or mention you
when they see each other.

13) Act like a leader.

14) Raise your social proof.

15) Leave people better than you find them.

16) Don’t be intimidating.

17) Ignore rejection. There are plenty of
other people who will want to be your friend.

18) Speak out and seek attention.

19) Join a co-op sports team.

20) Take hobby classes.

21) Organize study sessions if you are still
in school.

22) Join hobby clubs.

23) Be reliable and trustworthy.

24) Think about how you can help other people
with their goals.

25) Make small talk with everyone you meet,

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