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How To Turn A Friend Into A Girlfriend

In order for you to change the
kind of you have with a girl,
you must change your attitude towards it
first. What I mean is, you can’t just try to
“get” her as a friend. You must look at
the dynamics of the relationship and change
it before anything can happen.

So…the first step to turning
your friend into a girlfriend is to change
your attitude towards this whole friendship.

This is very important. If you
continue treating her as a friend, then
she will continue treating YOU as a friend.

Forget you’re her friend for
a second. How would you attract her
now? THAT’s the key to your situation.

How playful would you be?

How subtle/blatant would you be?

How flirty would you be?

How sexual would you be?

Get these in your mind and
THEN you can start “acting” like the person
in your mind.

To turn her into a girlfriend,
you MUST first flirt with her and tease her.

Now…SHE must also change her
attitude before she will like you.
Otherwise, it will NEVER work.

She must realize there’s a
possibility of her liking you before
she will like you. Flirt with her, then give
her a little shock. Maybe a kiss while you’re
both drunk (No, I am NOT suggesting you get
her drunk). Just a little shock that may
let her realize she may like you. (Note
how I say realize SHE may like you, not
the other way around. DON’T shock her
by letting her know you like her. Because
if you do, she’s going to be freaked.)

In most “friendship into relationship”
cases I have encountered, an accident of
some kind happens. (Usually accidents are
what causes the change in attitude) Like
a sudden kiss or a sudden makeout session
while drunk. There MUST be a change that
screams “Maybe there’s something more to
this than pure friendship”. (And again,
note how I say accident. If she finds out
you like her before she likes you already,
you’re screwed!)

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