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Go Out To Have Fun, Not To Pick Up Chicks

Here is an important rule to remember when
you go out to pick up woman:

Go out not because you want to get girls,
but because you want to have fun with your buddies.

I’ll give you an example:

2 guys go to the beach. The first guy is
there to pick up chicks. He gawks at the girls
and approaches everyone. The second guy is there
with his buddies and they are just there to have
a great time. A few girls walk by as they are playing
volleyball and he makes a casual comment about a
hat one of the girls is wearing. He invites her
to serve for his team for good luck. A few minutes
later they start talking naturally.

Which guy will look cool, and which
guy will look like a complete tool?

Here’s what it all boils down to:
If you look like you’re there to have fun with
your friends, you will look less desperate and
your approaches will look more natural and
spontaneous. On top of that, you will also have
more social proof because chances are, the girls
will have seen you having fun with your buddies.
And when you look like you’re having a great time,
then it will be natural for other people to want
to join in the fun and become part of it
as well.

So what are you waiting for? Go hang
out with your friends!

How To Use The Two-Stage Approach To Approach Women

how you can incorporate
the two-stage approach into going out and just
having fun.

1) Let’s say you’re out with your buddies.
When you see some girls nearby, be a bit louder
than usual. Just raise the energy and make a
bit of noise. Then look around and “catch”
the girls looking over you see what’s going on.

2) Make contact with one of them and smile.

3) Now just wait, preferably until the
girl is alone. (Doesn’t have to be.) Go over
to her and say, “Excuse me. I just want to
tell you that you look fantastic in that dress.
That’s it.” Then smile and go back to whatever
you were doing before with your friends.

4) From then on, make eye contact and smile
once in awhile. If she seems receptive, then
make your real approach and go chat her up.

Now go out and have some fun with this
flirting routine!

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