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Perception V.S. Reality In Dating

perception is often different than reality…

Here is a few practical examples of
what I mean.

1) Sometimes you may think everybody is
watching you when you approach a woman. You
may also think that they will make fun of you
and think bad things about you if you fail.
But in reality, most people don’t care about
what happens to you because they are too busy
worried about what’s going to happen to
themselves. In this scenario, what you perceive
in your mind is different than what reality
actually is.

2) Sometimes you think that you’re too ugly
or too short, but in reality, nobody really
cares. So even though you get worried every
time you look in the mirror, in reality, nobody
cares squat. Really.

3) It works the opposite way too. You may
think you’re an amazing person and that
women “should” be attracted to you because you
are such a wonderful guy. But because your
external image is incongruent with the
amazing mind you have within, people write
you off as a and pay little attention
to you.

4) You may think a woman is interested in
you because that is what you perceive. But
in reality, she is actually just being

So you can you make sure what
you perceive is what’s actually happening?
Well, to be honest, it requires you to constantly
open up your eyes to the external world
and observe all the little feedbacks you
get from your everyday life. This is where
“street smarts” come in. Without social
experience, chances are, what you “think”
will not be what you “get”!

The only way to get this “street smarts”
is by going out, experiencing both success and
failure, and learning from your mistakes in

So get your butt out there and start
talking to people today!

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