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smart dating 7 Inner Game Tips

developing your inner game as
a Smart Dater.

1) Be Positive

The first key is to keep a positive
attitude towards life. This may sound like common
sense, but you wouldn’t believe how many guys I
talk to every week who are just too darn depressed
about life. How can you radiate charm and confidence
if you do not believe in yourself or if you always
think everyone is out to screw you? The guys with
positive attitudes ALWAYS win against guys with
negative attitudes or self-imposed limitations.

2) Forget About The Outcome

The second key to having a great inner game
is to ignore the potential outcome. Don’t worry
about what may happen if you approach a woman
or flirt with her. Just do it.

3) Focus On Having Fun

One easy way to forget about the outcome
is to focus on the fun and experience. Go out with
your buddies without worrying about whether you will
come home with a woman or not. Just focus on having

4) Take Small Steps

Don’t try to take on too much when you’re
just starting out. Taking small steps can help you
build confidence over time.

5) Focus On What You Can Change

If something is out of your control, such
as your height or looks, just ignore it. Focus on
what you can change instead. As I always say,
YOU are the environmental constant. No matter where
you are or how tough a situation us, YOU can control
what you do on YOUR end. So focus on what you
can do and do your very best. Ignore everything

6) Be Adventurous And Try New Things

Be adventurous and just go out and experience
life. Don’t be afraid of trying out new things. It’s
how you expand your horizons and get better at
the game.

7) Create Opportunities

Don’t be the loser who reads my stuff but
stays at home. Don’t wait for women to approach
you. Go out there and create opportunities for

8) Be Flirty

Be flirty and playful with all the girls
you meet, whether you are attracted to them or
not. Focus on the fun rather than the outcome!

9) Don’t Ignore The External

Make sure your external image reflects
what you’re trying to achieve internally.
Without proper external adjustments such as
grooming yourself properly or taking positive
actions, working on your inner game is nothing
but mental masturbation.

10) Balance Your Life

Balance your life so that you don’t
burn out. If your life consists of nothing
except chasing women, sooner or later you’re
going to find your life going downhill, and
your love life will get dragged down as
a result!

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