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There's no greater escape than a fine romance. I adore everything about it, from the first spark of attraction to the whispering and giggling late into the night. For most of my life I've tumbled giddily, recklessly from one infatuation to another, figuring whatever happens, happens. If I made a mistake, picked the wrong guy or ended up in a messy situation, then I dealt with it. I decided that even the most disastrous episodes were just another adventure. That is, until now. Three years ago I became a single mother. I threw myself into my new role, quickly reconfiguring my life to incorporate my daughter and her endless needs. I learned to soothe and rock and change and burp; I set up a college fund and learned to function without any sleep. And then, when I got the hang of it and motherhood ceased to be all-consuming, I began to get restless. How I missed adult conversation, the kind you have over dinner with a hand on your knee. I wanted to get dressed up, preen and flirt and swish. I wanted to date. What a shock to learn I no longer had the slightest clue how to do it. Of all the mysteries of single motherhood, nothing is as perplexing as trying to integrate a man into the mix. Just arranging an evening out is a logistical nightmare: Who'll watch the baby? How much is the babysitter going to cost? And should I really be spending $50 on a sitter just to have some fun when my daughter needs a new winter coat? Do I even have $50? Maybe I should invite the guy over instead. And then, what if we want to do more than have dinner? What happens to the baby then?


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