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HE knew by her screen name--Mzdkalf. She knew him, by his handle--Chrlskem. They had never seen each other or heard the other. But from their first meeting on the Internet, they knew they were kindred souls. "I could relate to what she was saying about everything," says Charles Kemp, 50, a Mississippi author and retired army veteran who met his match through an on-line ad. "A lot of things she was saying were the same feelings I had. When I talked to her on the Internet that first time, I said, `I ain't letting her get away." Kemp and Alabama telecommunications worker Deborah K. Alford Kemp stayed on-line that night from 8 p.m. until 3 a.m. They disconnected for just a few moments to call each other on the phone. The pair swapped stories until Deborah's son went to school that morning. Two days later, Kemp came to visit. Two weeks later, they wed. "We could not turn each other loose on the phone, on the computer in person," says Deborah, a 39-year-old who works for Bell South. "We began thinking, `How could we stay in each other's lives?' He said, `Do you wanna get married tonight?' I said, `No ... but I'm off Tuesday.' We were married that day in Alabama, just the two of us and the justice of the peace."


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