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Past research has identified the importance of many sociocultural factors in the etiology of body dissatisfaction and disordered eating, including internalization of the thin ideal body image; perceptions of the importance of attractiveness for social success; media, peer, and family pressures; and weight and shape teasing (e.g., Groesz, Levine, & Murnen, 2002; Keery, van den Berg, & Thompson, 2004; Thompson, Heinberg, Altabe, & Tantleff-Dunn, 1999; Wertheim, Paxton, & Blaney, 2004). One specific group of pressures that may influence adolescent girls' body image and eating behavior is those related to the beginning of dating, an important social activity that is typically first experienced in the teenage years. Although dating has been included as a variable in past studies, there is a need for a deeper examination of the relationships between body dissatisfaction, eating behaviors, and potential pressures associated with dating, such as the perception of the importance of thinness to have a boyfriend and dating. In addition, there is a need to explore boys' beliefs about the importance of thinness in determining attractiveness and whether they would ask a girl out on a date.


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