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How to Meet People

Want to improve your social life? Here are some great ways for
you to meet more people:

1) Go out when people invite you

The first thing I would say is that you should make sure to
always try saying “yes” whenever you are invited out. Meeting
new friends through friends is one of the best ways to
expand your social circle. Since it’s by invitation only,
you can be sure that you will have at least a TINY bit of
social proof instead of being just another complete stranger
at a pub or nightclub.

Furthermore, if you want more of a social life, then you
should NOT be turning away invitations anyway. So get off
your high horse, forget your excuses, and just go out and
have a good time!

2) Take classes

Taking classes is a GREAT way to meet people. Not only will
you meet people with similar interests, you will also pick
up new skills and knowledge that could potentially become
conversation topics with other people in the future.

Be sociable and strike up conversations before and after
classes. Ask questions and volunteer during class so
everyone remembers your face. Organize study sessions
and invite everyone. Just put yourself out there, and
you’ll make friends in no time.

3) Join a sports team or league

Join a community or recreational sports team. You’ll meet
tons of people!

4) Join a club or organization

Find a hobby that you like and join a club or organization
for that hobby. Enjoy sailing? Join a sailing club and you’ll
be sailing with your new friends every weekend.

5) Join a community theatre group

Community theatre groups often put on shows with 20 or 30
cast members who will work closely together for a few months.
You’ll literally get to laugh and cry together. Just remember
to go to all the cast parties!

6) Volunteer

As I always say, volunteering is one of the safest ways to
meet people because most people who take the time to volunteer
can’t be too bad. You’ll probably get along because you have
a common cause, and it may also feel less intimidating because
you’ll be distracted by the work you’re doing.

7) Join a Meetup group

There are Meetup groups in every city. Just go to
and search for specific interest groups in your city. You
can probably have a few meetings a month if you want!

8) Join a business association

If you’re a professional or business owner, you should join some
business networking associations. You’ll meet tons of great
people who are as eager and ambitious as you are.

9) Walk your dog

Dog owners are a close bunch. They often chat while their dogs sniff
each other and play. So walk your dog often and let it introduce
you to other animal lovers. If your dog is especially beautiful or
cute, you may even see other strangers approaching you just to pet
your dog.

Potential downside: Your dog may attract more attention than yourself.
So make sure you take the initiative to start conversations!

10) Travel

People often lower the inhibitions when they are in a foreign
country, so traveling is a great way to meet new people. If you’re
young, stay at a hostel and meet other backpackers. If you’re older,
go on a cruise or guided trip and talk to other people on the ship
or in the tour group. Make sure to stay in touch after the trip.

Arguing Early In a Relationship: The Toxic Test

I’ve been with my girlfriend for
3 months so far. Everything is great and there is a lot of
chemistry. There is just this one little problem – we’ve had
several fights. I really like her…so how can I make it so that we
fight less?”

If you’re in a similar situation, then I’ve got some bad news
for you:

If you have just ONE major fight in your first year together, it’s
a sign you may not belong together.

Why? Because the first year of the relationship is usually when
you’re the MOST flexible with each other. Because the physical
attraction is still high and you’re still getting to know each other,
you should both be willing to make compromises for the other person –
such as eating food you don’t like or going out even though
you have work the next day. You should also be more considerate of each
other’s needs because you haven’t figured out everything yet. Lastly,
you should be overlooking the flaws in the other person because all you
are both still very infatuated.

So if you still can’t help but to FIGHT with each other during this
“honeymoon period”, it’s a MAJOR SIGN things will only GET WORSE
as time goes on.

It doesn’t matter what the reasons for the fights are.

If you’re fighting over small things such as a habit, that habit will
likely NOT go away any time soon. You CAN’T expect to change a person.
You have to accept them for who they are. If you have trouble tolerating
it now, it’s only going to get worse in the future.

If you’re fighting over something BIG such as cheating or lying, then
that’s a sign you can expect MORE DRAMA to come.

Either way, the relationship is probably not going to last too long.

So what should you do if you’re always fighting with your partner but
want to give it a shot anyway?

1) The first thing you should do is to make sure the problems are not on
your end…or that you’re not adding fuel to the fire.

Once you have identified what’s causing the arguments in your relationship,
you should do everything you are capable or doing on YOUR END to fix
the problem.

2) Next, try telling your partner what you think you should do TOGETHER to
improve the relationship with the assertiveness techniques I teach
you in the course. If they co-operate, then MAYBE you have a chance. If
they don’t, it’s time to move on.

3) Finally, see if things DO get better. If you see a clear upward trend
in your relationship, then maybe it can be saved. Otherwise, it’s time
to consider ending the relationship.

Just remember: If it sucks now, it’s going to suck even MORE once you’re

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