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20 Rules To Become the Man Women Adore

Here are 20 rules to follow if you want to become
the man women adore.

1) Flirt and act like a challenge

2) Live with integrity. This allows you to stand
up for yourself and NOT seek approval from people,
including women.

3) Accept the consequences of your own actions.

4) Take compliments well instead of acting all embarrassed.

5) Be a leader

6) Be in control of a date. Allow a woman to just relax
and enjoy herself

7) Do not seek a woman’s approval

8) Always do something 100 percent, no matter what it is

9) Stop thinking a woman will fill up your empty heart

10) Get used to beautiful women. Don’t let them intimidate you

11) Improve your social and wealth status. It’s not a crime to
be rich or powerful

12) Explore your creative side. Paint or start a band

13) Embrace your masculinity

14) Be competitive

15) Do not avoid confrontations. Face difficult situations
straight on

16) Have fun

17) Be a man and don’t rely on your date to make decisions

18) Live life and be adventurous

19) Try out new things and new places

20) Expect the best from other people, not just yourself

Ex-Force And Dating

The “Ex-Force” is a term I’ve come up with in my
opinion to represent all the negative “external
forces” in a relationship. Basically it represents all the forces
of any obstacles that might have a negative impact on your love

Here are a few examples:

1)      Your age gap
2)      A competitor (like another guy)
3)      Your height
4)      Your bad looks
5)      Your skin color
6)      Your lover’s childhood trauma’s (Rape, abuse, etc)
7)      Distance
8)      Fear of commitment
9)      Religion
10)     Family

The good news is that attraction can overcome ANY Ex-Force.
Imagine an old-fashioned balance scale. On one side is an Ex-force
exerting on you. On the other side is a woman’s attraction for you.

If her attraction for you is stronger than the Ex-Force,
she’ll date you. Otherwise, she will reject you or break up with you.

Note that you CANNOT change the amount of Ex-Force exerted
on a woman because it is always constant. Whatever your “problem”
is, it is out of your control.

For example…

You can’t grow more hair.

You can’t beat up the “other guy”.

You can’t become younger.

You can’t grow taller.

You can’t change your skin color.

You CAN, however, change the amount of attraction a woman
has for you. At the end of the day, attraction cuts through
EVERYTHING, which means you should ignore whatever you can’t change
and focus on ATTRACTING women instead. If a girl is attracted to
you enough, she won’t care about your looks, your height, or your age,
get it?

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