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Are All Women Cheaters and Whores?

Think about how these two rules apply to dating:

1) Not every woman will like you, and that’s
something you have to live with. Rejections should
not affect your self-image. (If you fully understand
this one, congrats – you are doing better than most

2) A small percentage of women will be bitches,
cheaters, or liars. Instead of letting them drag you
down with them, just ignore them and move on. Devote
your time to energy to women that are good to you and
good for you.

Apply these two rules to your dating life,
and you’ll be a much more happier Smart Dater!

How To Deal With Dating Competition

The answer is simple: Just act like your
competition doesn’t exist.

After all, you can’t control how much a
woman likes other guys. The only thing you have
some control over (based on your own actions) is
how much a woman likes YOU. So instead of worrying
about how to “cock-block” other guys from getting
the girl you like, just focus on attracting her
by flirting, teasing, and acting like a challenge.
If she likes YOU more than she likes the other
guys, naturally she will want to be with you.

And if these guys ever confront you or try
to put you down in front of the girl, simply act like
they don’t exist. Have a “yeah, yeah, yeah” attitude
towards the other guys and treat everything they
say as not very important. If they try to act smart
or cocky, just raise an eyebrow like you’ve just
heard the dumbest thing ever. If they try to insult
you, just laugh it off like they are idiots.

But whatever you do, make sure you don’t lose
your cool. Losing your cool will only make YOU look
bad in front of the girl, even if you are not at

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