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Technique To Act Like A Challenge To Women

Here’s a very simple technique
you can use to act like a challenge to
a woman.

1) Have a nice conversation. (Fluff talk)

2) Flirt with her a tiny bit.

3) Build rapport and deepen the conversation
using my conversation deepeners.

4) Flirt with her again….more this time.

5) Go back to deep conversation and
REALLY deepen it this time. Act all

6) Just when the energy is high and it
seems like there is a bubble around
the two of you, sit back, change
your posture, and say, casually,
“You know, I think you’d make a
great friend.”

7) Now watch her reaction!

Here is a little routine you can
use to get a date.

1) Think of event or place that is ultra


– Upcoming party

– Upcoming concert

– Favorite “unknown” restaurant

– Some kind of an upcoming art event
or exhibition
(Especially if you are an expert on it)

The only rule is that Whatever you
pick should be quite unique and not something
“everybody” is talking about.

2) Casually mention it to the woman during
a conversation. Talk about how great it’s going
to be, and then just switch to other topics.

3) Let her wonder why you are not inviting

4) Use other techniques to continue building
rapport and displaying your great personality.

5) Just before you’re about to leave, bring it up
again and invite her casually. Make it a “By
the way, you should come to…” kind of

If you do this routine properly, the
woman will be more likely to say “yes” to
a casual first date. After all, it is much
more interesting than checking out the best
Indian restaurant in town or going to the
see a cool band than to “get coffee” or
“get together for lunch”!

How To Become More Comfortable With Asking Women Out

Here is an exercise based on the
temptation routine I taught you last

1) Choose an event or place according
to the requirements I gave you last
time. Basically, pick something that
is cool.


– Upcoming party

– Upcoming concert

– Favorite “unknown” restaurant

– Some kind of an upcoming art event
or exhibition
(Especially if you are an expert on it)

2) Now approach 5 women every day. To talk
to these women…use the technique in the
next step.

3) Think of what you would say if you were
to chat up a male stranger at a bus stop
because you are bored. Use the same conversation
topics to start a conversation with the women
you approach. (In other words, focus on
starting “any” conversation with “any”
stranger, but not talk to women for the
sole reason of picking her up.)

4) Continue to make small talk.

5) Now, casually mention the event or place
that you have picked. Really promote it.
Talk about how cool it is and how excited
you are about going. Let the conversation
end naturally and get out of there.

That’s it for the exercise. In the
future, when you feel confident, you can
invite her to come to the event just when
you’re leaving. But for now, the point is to
get yourself used to “tempting” women with

Once you’re comfortable with this
exercise, you can start substituting the
cool events with movies or concerts that
are more common. For example, talk about
a cool trailer that you have been and mention
it casually that you would like to see the
movie. Repeat this exercise until you are
comfortable with asking the woman to see
it with you.

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