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Signs A Woman Is Interested In You

How do I know if a woman is interested in me Aside from performing the flirt test to see if a woman likes you, here are signs a woman is interested in you.

1) She flirts with you, but not with other guys.

Sometimes my readers email me for help because they are confused about
whether a woman is interested or not. They will tell me that there’s
a girl who’s been flirting with them, but every time they make a move
on her, they just find themselves stuck in the “just friends” category.

What I always ask these guys is, “Yeah. So she flirts with you. But does
she flirt with other guys?”

It’s a very important distinction. Some women are just naturally flirty
and like to tease everyone. Don’t take their flirting too seriously.
In fact, watch out for potential character problems. (Such women will
often have a whole lineup of guys doing little favors for them.) But if
a girl never flirts with other guys except you, then it’s a pretty good
indicator she MAY be interested in you.

2) She talks to you a lot, but not to other guys.

The same goes for talking. If she talks to you a lot, but not to other
guys whenever you are around her, then there’s a possibility she likes
you. One potential pitfall is that she only sees you as her .
So make sure you flirt with her and see how much she flirts back.

3) You catch her checking you out.

If you catch a woman checking you out, then you at least pigue her
curiosity. Don’t read too much into it though. Whatever her perception
of you she may have inside her head may all go away as soon as you
approach her and start a conversation. (Hint: Make sure you build
rapport, flirt and act like a challenge!)

4) She lets a strap fall off a shoulder but does not fix it.

If a woman walks around with a strap falling of a shoulder “at
all times”, she should probably try to get into the entertainment
industry. But if it falls off after a long, romantic date and
she doesn’t fix it, then it could be a sign that she’s ready for
something more. Lean closer to her and see how she reacts.

5) She’s extremely excited and touchy when she is around you.

If a woman is extremely excited and touchy when she’s around you,
she probably likes you as a friend at least. And if she shows at
least 2-3 other signs on this list, then you’ve got a pretty
good chance with her. As always, crank up the sexual chemistry and
act like a challenge to make sure you don’t end up in the friendship

6) She flips her hair at you.

It happens in movies; it happens in real life too. As with all the
other signs, you’ll want to confirm it with other signs as well.

7) She flashes her wrists at you.

Similar to flipping hair. Confirm with other signs.

8) She licks her lips when she talks to you.

Similar to hair flipping and wrist flashing. Don’t pay too much
attention to it alone but use it in conjunction with other signs.

9) She leans over and whispers to you.

The more a woman likes you, the closer she will lean towards you
and the softer her voice will be. She won’t use the same voice
that she uses with all her friends.

10) She mingles her stuff with yours.

With most women, there’s usually still a clear separation of “you” and
“me” when it comes to guy friends. But the more a woman likes you,
the more she will let go of that boundary and start finding little
ways to mingle her stuff with yours. She may put her bag or jacket
on top of yours instead of besides it, or she may start leaving
random objects in your apartment. (That’s how you end up with 2 bags
of her clothes and makeup that you have to give back when you
break up!)

11) She smiles genuinely when she’s around you.

There are “fake”, friendly smiles and there are genuinely smiles
from the bottom of her heart. She’ll give you the genuine one if
she’s interested.

12) She fidgets with her clothes around you.

Girls like to fidget with their clothes when they are with a guy
they like. So watch out for it.

13) She laughs at your dumbest jokes.

You can often tell a woman is REALLY into a guy when she finds his
DUMBEST jokes genuinely funny. It baffles the rest of us, doesn’t it?

14) She mirrors your body position.

If a woman keeps on adjusting her position to match yours, it’s
a sign that there’s rapport between you two. While rapport alone
doesn’t indicate romantic interests, you can use it to support
the other signs you see.

15) She calls or texts you for random reasons.

When a woman really likes a guy, she will often call him at random
times for random reasons. If a woman starts giving you random calls
or sending you random text messages at off hours, it’s usually
a good indicator she’s thinking about you.

16) She blushes when she looks at you.

A woman who finds you “cute” will often look at you but blush when
she sees you looking back. Not all women have this – only the shy
ones do.

17) She tries to “domesticate” you or cook for you.

You know a girl probably likes you when she keeps on trying to
domesticate you or to cook for you. That’s usually something
she reserves for her man, not her “best guy friend.”

18) She gives you “the vibe”.

If she gives you “the vibe” on a date, it’s a sign there’s strong
attraction. You gotta make sure it’s not just in your head though!

19) She dresses up when she knows she will see you.

How do you know if she sees an outing as just a friendly outing or
a serious date? Look at the way she’s dressed. If she has purposely
dressed up to impress you (YOU, not the situation/environment), it’s
a pretty good sign she’s interested in you.

20) She’s available when you ask her out.

If she’s always available when you ask her out, it’s a pretty good
sign she enjoys hanging out with you. If there’s sexual chemistry
involved as well, then it’s a clear sign she likes you.

21) She preens when she is around you.

Most women won’t be able to stop themselves from preening when they
are with a man they like. So if you see a woman preen when she’s
with you, it could be a sign she’s interested.

22) She does not talk about her boyfriend…ever…even when she has one.

Women will often avoid talking about their boyfriends when they
are with a guy they would like to cheat with. (Men do this too.)
That’s how many men and women end up in complicated love affairs –
they never even knew the other party was married or in a relationship
until they have slept together a few times.

23) She keeps her eyes locked on you while she talks or drinks.

The more a woman likes you, the more eye contact she will make.
Watch out though. This one could be misleading if the woman
has good communication skills and locks eyes with everyone

24) She smiles or blushes when she catches you checking her out.

If a woman looks away or ignores you when she catches you
checking her out, you can kill any thoughts of approaching her.
But if she smiles back or even blushes, then it’s a good sign
you’re at least not repulsing her.

25) She tries to probe for information about you.

If you hear about a woman trying to probe information about you
from your friends, it’s a often a sign she’s infatuated with you
or at least curious about you.

Signs A Woman Is Interested In You

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