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Everyone wants somebody to love (or so the song goes). Is everyone ready to Rate? If you hesitated when answering this question, you probably need to answer a few others first. What are you doing to increase your chances of getting a Rate?There are lots of resources, both traditional and online, that are available to help you meet people. Second, are you preparing yourself to be a good Rating partner? When you do start Rating, you'll want to be ready to talk about yourself,your interests and local and national issues. And third, do you have confidence in yourself? If you invest some time in these three areas. you are good to go .

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NameRyan Michael Doody
Register Date11/14/2011
Last On11/16/2011 07:19 pm
LocationHouston, United States of America
 About Me
My SongWagon wheel
My MovieRebel without a cause - James Dean
My HangoutA lush green pungent meadow, the moon shining o'erhead, and countless stars lighting the night sky
My DestinationTo Germany!
 More About Me
I'm a bit of a free spirit. A dabbler. Open to pretty much anything. I've got a layered personality. I can be sensitive, but prefer my manly-man side. I love working on cars, art projects, photography, cooking,, writing poetry, making music and discussions of intellect. I'm a bit silly, and extremely social I'm gonna change transportation for the better. I'm amazing with my fingers, and have all the ideas and know-how to change the world. I just need a support team!
 My Quote
"Unsubstantiated rumors are good enough for me to base my life upon"
 My Kind of Person
I would love to meet a woman who can ignite my burning desires.. turn me on with her mind! Open, friendly and encouraging. I know my goals are larger than life. That's why I keep them trimmed. I desire a woman who encourages me. One who doesn't tie me down. That is the biggest turn off. For with freedom, I am extremely loyal. I crave the sense of touch- to give and receive. I love smiles and eyes :]
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